2017-05-31 / Editorials

Mass Transit Should Take Front Seat

Transportation nightmares seem to be a given lately – we have lamented about trying to drive anywhere in New York – the obstacles often seem insurmountable. As we stated in a recent editorial, public transportation does not seem much better.

With the debacle at Penn Station in the spotlight now, and various derailments and other major issues that have been occurring with increasing frequency, it is obvious that the 100-year-old New York transit system needs to take a front seat and get more funding for an overhaul. We are glad Governor Cuomo is addressing the issue, making transportation a priority and seeking solutions.

We have a few long-simmering headaches for Cuomo to address while he’s at it this election year:

 The city should remove finally the peeling lead paint under various elevated train trestles.

 Install sliding doors on subway platforms to prevent the near-daily injuries and deaths as people fall into the train tracks.

 Better oversight for the buses which ignore schedules, resulting in dangerous crowds and chaos at certain stations, and unevenly filled buses, as the first one fills up and the subsequent buses follow right behind, remaining empty.

 Do not schedule school field trips during rush hour – school buses block streets while they load up. And perhaps they can stop putting out the “Stop” sign while they load up with teachers present, only when dropping off children on their own.

 Disinfect the train platforms once in a while. They have not been cleaned since Hurricane Sandy washed them out.

 Increase individual public restroom availability. This would help with the unsanitary conditions in train stations.

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