2017-05-24 / Editorials

Honor Our Service Members

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and the first thought for many is that this is the unofficial start to summer. Indeed, many celebrations and sales are planned, but may we submit that just as official gatherings are often opened with a moment of silence in honor of those no longer with us, we do the same, in some form, in honor of all those who sacrificed body and soul for the rest of us.

In these troubled times, it is especially important and appropriate to take a moment, especially on Monday, May 29, to remember, honor, and appreciate those who passed away defending our country.

Those who are paying attention to world events know that there are threats abounding. With precarious relations with foreign countries such as North Korea, bedlam in Syria, turmoil in Venezuela, and discord in Europe, as well as question marks with Russia, terrorism brought about by ISIS and al Qaeda and others, we realize the grave importance of all our soldiers who are on the frontlines. Of course these mostly young people most likely would rather be home to partake in the fun times, but they are putting their lives on the line nonetheless. The least we can do for them is let them know we are concerned about them and with them in spirit.

On Memorial Day, we make a point to remember those who served and gave their lives in the past. Though they may be gone, it is said that as long as they are remembered, they live on, especially in the hearts of those who have lost loved ones. Even if one has been fortunate enough not to have lost family or friends in the service of our country, so many gave their lives for all of us, and deserve recognition. And their families deserve our appreciation for their sacrifice as well. They have made it possible for us to have the lifestyle some may take for granted. Not just prosperity, but the relative peace and freedom in our homeland that we realize is so precious and vulnerable.

We can show our appreciation by taking part in one of the many parades in honor of our lost service members, put up a flag, pray for the safety of those currently serving and also contribute something toward the many veterans in need.

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