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Corona Man Charged In Deadly Drug Deals

By Liz Goff
A 66-year-old Corona man is facing 12 years in prison for possessing and selling a deadly mix of narcotic drugs laced with the opioid painkiller Fentanyl.

“Heroin, unfortunately, has made a deadly comeback in New York City and in the surrounding suburbs,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. “Over the past four months, Queens has had 57 fatal overdoses – far exceeding the number of homicides and vehicular deaths that have occurred in the borough so far this year. Most troubling is that we are witnessing heroin being mixed with the synthetic drug Fetanyl, which is 30-to-50- times more potent than heroin,” Brown said. “This is creating a deadly cocktail for people who may be using such a mixture unknowingly.”

Brown warned, “It is important that defendants know that under federal law if you ell Fetanyl, and the buyer overdoses and dies, they can face a minimum of 20 years in prison. It does not matter that the sellers did not now that the drugs were mixed with Fetanyl,” Brown said. “A seller is responsible for what he or she sells, and we will now be tracking down people who sell drugs containing Fetanyl.”

Hubert Harris, of 102nd Street in Corona, was arraigned last week on a criminal complaint charging him with multiple counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest. Harris was held in lieu of $100,000 bail at the arraignment at Queens Criminal Court.

According to the complaint, on April 6, 2017, a plainclothes narcotics detective observed a man purchasing several glassine envelopes from Harris. The buyer was subsequently stopped by police, who recovered five white, glassine envelopes and five blue glassine envelopes from the buyer, according to the complaint.

Chemical analysis of the substance in the white envelope confirmed a mixture of heroin, Fetanyl and cocaine, while analysis of the substance in the blue envelope confirmed a mixture of Fetanyl and the prescription painkiller Tramadol, according to the complaint.

On May 9, 2017, officers at the NYPD Queens North Narcotics Division stopped Harris as he was pedaling his bicycle at the corner of 12th Street and 41st Road in Long Island City, where they recovered 98 white glassine envelopes, which they believe to contain a mixture of cocaine and Fetanyl, Brown said.

“My office is committed to working closely with the NYPD and our federal law enforcement colleagues to stop this growing epidemic,” Brown said. “According to data from the city Department of Health, there were over 1,300 fatal overdoses in New York City in 2016 and, perhaps more disturbing is that approximately half of the drug overdoses in the last six months of 2016 involved Fetanyl.”








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