2017-05-17 / Editorials

Don’t Miss Out On Steinway Sidewalk Sale Days

Too many retail stores are closing, including institutions such as Macy’s in Douglaston and other name brand chains. For many decades we relied on our local stores for all of our shopping needs – from day to day food, clothing and furniture, as well as everything in between, such as visits to the doctor, toys, entertainment, dining and coffee. We understand and support the concept of online shopping, advertising and marketing. Clearly the Gazette was one of the first weekly newspapers to put our entire issue online, as well as continuing to print our hard copy, no batteries needed. We went online in 1999 – long before everyone was walking around with their cellphones and doing everything online, including living life. And while our website now attracts huge amounts of readers, we might not have reached with only the so-called hard copy paper, and we appreciate the convenience and ease the web paper has brought about, we do not want to sacrifice our Steinways, 82 Streets, Austin Streets, Jamaica Avenues, and countless others.

We know there is the ever-popular Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday, after Thanksgiving), part of the Shop Small movement. We really believe it is in everyone’s best interest if we maintain the health of our local businesses. Some things cannot be replaced online – the experience, getting together with others, meeting new people, leaving the house, and seeing/trying on your purchase then and there, in person, with no surprises and no shipping fees. Shopping local not only helps keep your community vibrant, and helps the local economy, it is FUN!

With that in mind, on May 19, 20, and 21, (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), Steinway will be having its famous Sidewalk Sale Days that our publisher has been promoting since 1978. Central Astoria LDC has also planned the first Steinway Street Spring Fling, a free afternoon of fun and creativity for the kids, with instrument playing, painting on canvas, making spring hats, collages, balloon art and face painting, on Sunday, May 21, from 1 to 4 p.m. (at the Municipal Parking Lot between Broadway and 31st Avenue). Plus everyone’s favorite, the anticipated Steinway Deals Booklet, full of spectacular special promotions from the merchants of Steinway will also be given out. We encourage and urge everyone to come stroll down Steinway, have fun, try new treats and old favorites, and save money during the sale.

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