2017-05-10 / Editorials

Happy Mother’s Day

On Sunday, May 14, each of us will honor the most important woman in our life, our Mom.

It is the day we say thank you to her. But how do you thank someone who made every sacrifice imaginable, and happily, out of pure love? Who stayed up all night with us when we were sick, or had a school project to finish, helped us put costumes together, sell cookies/chocolates/you name it, could always be counted upon to babysit (with pleasure, no less), has expert judgment on nearly every sphere of life – ours for the asking – taught us nearly everything we know, and as the earliest and strongest influence of our lives, formed our character, from babyhood to adulthood.

She never asks for anything in return. Mom does not even ask for gratitude, but she has it, from the bottom of our hearts.

Some Moms, as sole head of household, fill the father role as well. (We acknowledge that some fathers fill both roles, but they will be celebrated next month!)

Even if, for some, nowadays it is we who do more for Mom than she can do for us, we realize she would prefer it to be the other way around. For no matter how old we get, how independent and successful we may be, to her we will always be her baby, her treasure, her pride and joy, her world.

We offer a toast – or a prayer – for the Moms who may be in Heaven, who are surely watching over us, for Mom never does relax, no matter where she may be. We also honor all the grandmothers, godmothers, adoring aunts, stepmoms, mothers in-law, nannies and any other mother figures in our lives. May it be a festive day of gathering the whole family together to celebrate and make Mom happy and proud. We honor all the Moms out there – three cheers from the Gazette!

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