2017-05-03 / Editorials

Excelsior Scholarship: Make The Most Of It

The Excelsior Scholarship that provides free tuition to the CUNY and SUNY university system just enacted by Governor Cuomo will certainly improve access to college for some disadvantaged members of our society. College really is the new high school. It used to be that high school was the minimum for meaningful work, but to get anything of value in life, one must be competitive and get the degree. This scholarship will be a boon to the thousands of students at the various CUNY colleges right within the borough, some of whom may have been caught in the middle – with family resources a little too high for financial aid, yet still having difficulties making ends meet in the current economic climate.

However, at the end of the day, while education is helpful, truly nothing is more important than hard work and experience. Please do go to school, learn the three R’s – “readin’ writin’ and ’rithmetic” as much as you can, but never forget that, whether it’s free, or a million-dollar education, the hard work is required to make the difference. (Good luck doesn’t hurt either, though dedication and persistence can help create some of those opportunities we call luck.) Once you do get the education, use it to open the doors, but don’t forget to work hard and learn on the job as well. We know it’s hard for young people to make life-altering decisions, and we beckon them to make a sincere effort to search out various fields they are genuinely interested and suited for. It would be wise of them to work or intern to get a taste of real life, which is all about learning. Students, in their journey, should beware of using any roadblocks as an excuse to give up. One should never allow disappointment to linger, but use it for the lesson it presents and never give up.

So for those graduating soon, do take advantage of all that is offered to you and make the most of it. We wish you success and fulfillment, and yes, good luck too!

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