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Vallone’s Third Participatory Budgeting Cycle Sets Record

Council Member Paul Vallone has announced the record setting results of his third participatory budgeting cycle. Residents cast 6,214 votes, once again the most of any Council District in Queens, to decide how to spend at least $1,000,000 of Council Member Vallone’s capital funding on projects to improve Northeast Queens.

The winning projects were:

1. P.S. 41 Centennial Electrical Upgrade for School ($500,000 – 2,085 votes) – The 100-year-old school will receive a full electrical upgrade to meet safety standards and support 21st century technology.

2. NYPD Security Cameras ($141,000 – 1,729 votes) – To fund and install four NYPD security cameras in District 19. These security cameras will enhance crime prevention.

3. Bayside High School Student Locker Project ($650,000 – 1,603 votes) – This project will fund the installation of 3,200 new student lockers in the cafeteria and basement corridor, providing each student their own locker.

4. Whitestone Library Technology Upgrade ($100,000 – 1,226 votes) – This project will upgrade the Whitestone Library’s meeting room, which is used for public events and meetings.

As a result of this year’s success, Council Member Vallone also announced that he will be allocating additional capital funding in order to fully fund the $100,000 for the Whitestone Library Technology Upgrade.

The total amount being funded for this year’s participatory budgeting winners is nearly $1.4 million dollars. 

“The results clearly show that the district has overwhelmingly embraced the success of the participatory budgeting process. At a time when voter turnout is at a record low, we have created a way to engage our youth and youngest voters as to the power and importance of voting,” said Vallone. “This monumental, 8-month task could not have been possible without the continuous dedication of our delegates, community liaisons, volunteers, staff and especially Vito Tautonico, our Director of Constituent Services, who spearheaded the process. I look forward to continuing to grow the process next year.”

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