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Pup Tosser Caged

A judge last month sentenced a 21-year-old Astoria man to a year in jail for tossing a Chihuahua from a third-floor apartment window in August 2016.

Dorian Quezada, of 43rd Street and 34th Avenue in Astoria, pleaded guilty in March to aggravated animal cruelty for tossing the tiny pooch out the window, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

The tiny pup suffered severe injuries to her legs and ankles but survived the fall, Brown said.
An eyewitness told investigators about hearing a loud “thud,” and finding the pooch “shrieking with blood coming from its mouth,” moments later. Passersby also recalled hearing the dog hit the pavement, then spotting Quezada peeking from a third-floor window to the street below.

When Quezada has completed his year long incarceration, he will have to register with the Department of Health as an animal abuser, Brown said. Once he has registered, he will be banned from adopting pets from shelters or rescue groups and from buying animals from pet shops – and will be barred from owing a pet for a period of five years.

–Liz Goff

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