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Dial ‘511’ For MTA, Travel Information

By Liz Goff
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the New York Sate Department of Transportation are informing city straphangers and all New Yorkers that they can dial 511 for assistance with any MTA-related question.

The MTA compiled 117 separate public phone numbers into the single, easy-to-remember, three-digit number in order to deliver on its commitment to streamline and simplify customer service.

The 511 line connects to the New York State Travel Information line to direct MTA customers through a single portal with an interactive voice response system connecting to customer service and travel information for all MTA agencies, an MTA spokesperson said.

The public can dial 511 for information and updates on city traffic conditions, public transportation, ferries, ride share, major crossings, airports, Easy Pass, bridges and tunnels, MetroCard, MTA buses, mass transit and travel information for upstate counties.

“The 511 number is an alternative means of obtaining vital information for those who do not have Internet access, and for others who are experiencing ‘down-time’ on their Internet connection,” the MTA spokesperson said. The public can still access the information online at www.mta.org.

Services provided on the 511 line are fully funded by the New York State Department of Transportation.                                                           


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