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Addabbo Cites Priorities In State Budget, Warns Against Federal Cuts To State In Future

As negotiations on the final 2017-2018 State Budget enter their last days, NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. said that “fighting for veterans’ services, programs for senior citizens and disabled New Yorkers, education, health care and infrastructure funding are among his priorities.”

“By April 1st, we should have a state budget in place for the upcoming fiscal year that will meet the most important needs and concerns of New York residents,” said Addabbo. “To me, this means – among other issues – ensuring adequate funding for counseling, legal defense and other programs for veterans; protecting resources for New York City senior centers under Title XX; providing necessary support for New York City children in both public and private schools, and maintaining access to health care for the poor, elderly and disabled. It also means improving our roads, mass transit services and other vital components of our infrastructure.” 

While Addabbo is looking forward to the Senate and Assembly adoption of a final State Budget by the end of the week that addresses these vital needs and others, he warned that future action on the federal level may at one point lead to significant cuts to important programs and services in New York State.  

“Our fiscal year in New York begins on April 1st, but the federal fiscal year starts in October,” he pointed out.  “As the United States Senate and House of Representatives begin to consider the President’s budget proposals and other items on his agenda, it is very possible that decisions in Washington will threaten to unravel progress we are working to achieve in New York.  Ultimately, and unfortunately, this could mean the State Legislature and Governor may need to come back later in the year to make changes to the enacted State Budget to address federal cuts.”

Addabbo said he will continue to stay in close contact with federal elected officials representing New York State and the city as the process goes forward.  “Early indications are that the President is seeking deep cuts to domestic programs of vital importance to New York’s residents, including its most vulnerable populations,” he said. “Possible infrastructure cuts may also affect such local transportation programs as the Select Bus Service (SBS) proposal.  I’m no fan of SBS, but I also don’t want to see Washington tampering with the city’s efforts to manage its own transit policies.”

The State Budget process is now in the final stages of the conference committee process in which the Senate and Assembly examine different issue areas, propose final funding and language [of] bills, and work to come to agreement with the Governor on the plan.


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