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Pup Toss Creep Caged

By Liz Goff
A 23-year-old Long Island Coty man has been sentenced to a year in jail after pleading guilty to aggravated animal cruelty for dumping a mixed-breed Chihuahua from a third-floor apartment window, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Dorian Quezada was sentenced to a year in jail and is banned from owning an animal for five years following his release, Brown said. Following his release, he will also be required to register with the New York City Department of Health as an animal abuser. Those listed in the register are barred from adopting pets from shelters or rescue groups, and from buying animals from pet shops.

Brown said a man walking near Quezada’s 43rd Street apartment in August 2016 saw something fall from above and hit the ground with a loud “thud.”

The man looked up and spotted Quezada walking away from an open, top-floor window in the building, Brown said. The man then saw the pup on the ground, shrieking in pain and bleeding from her mouth.

The pup suffered severe injuries, including a broken left front leg and dislocated ankle, Brown said.  She has recovered fully and was adopted in November, Brown said.

“In pleading guilty, the defendant has admitted to the horrible abuse of his dog,” Brown said. “It’s hard to imagine that someone would do something so cruel to their pet.

“My office takes a strong stand against any and all animal cruelty and is committed to aggressively enforcing laws that protect animals from harm.” Brown explained. “The defendant in this case will go to jail and will be barred from owning any animals for a lengthy period of time.”

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