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Dangerfield’s Wife Wants Mural Gone

                The widow of comedy legend Rodney Dangerfield says a mural painted as a tribute                   to her husband’s memory on a wall in Kew Gardens shows him “no respect.”

Joan Dangerfield told NY1 News that she provided Italian artist Francesca Robicci with a photo of the late comedian, along with $1,000 to offset the cost of the project. But she was less than thrilled with the finished project and wants it painted over.

According to the NY1 News report, Robicci painted the tribute free of charge last year, on a brick wall near Lefferts Boulevard. The artist told NY1 that she was devastated to learn that Joan Dangerfield didn’t like her work, and offered to fly back to New York to make some revisions.

Robicci said she painted the mural in Dangerfield’s old neighborhood through a non-profit, “for the city and the community,” and to help promote her artwork. The artist told NY1 she never expected that her gift would become such an issue.

Dangerfield said she approved a proof that Robicci submitted, but the finished project looked nothing like the sketch. So she sent Robicci some revisions hoping the changes would improve the artwork. But Robicci returned to Italy without making the revisions, Dangerfield told NY1 from her home in Los Angeles.

The comedian’s widow said she tried for three months to get Robicci to make the changes, now believes the only solution is to have the mural painted over.

Dangerfield told NY1 that she is not trying to publicly embarrass Robicci, but she does not want the mural to remain as is. Dangerfield said she is still willing to give Robicci a chance to propose revisions to the mural, but would not rule out commissioning another, more experienced artist to do it over.

—Liz Goff

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