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114th Precinct Crime Briefing Shows Improvement

The 114th Precinct hosted NYPD’s monthly crime briefing last week with Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner James O’Neill in attendance.

“Busy day here at the 114th Precinct,” said Deputy Inspector Peter Fortune after the March 1st press conference.

Citywide, crime was down 9.7 percent, and shootings were down 35 percent for the month of February.

“I want to thank Commissioner O’Neill and the men and women in uniform who work hard to keep New York City the safest big city in the nation,” said Mayor de Blasio.  “While the reduction of crime continues in New York City, it is nothing we take for granted,” said Commissioner O’Neill. “As always, I am extremely proud of the work by all members of this department to ensure the safety of all New Yorkers.”

In the 114th Precinct, crime was down 12 percent in February, and Police Officers Otto Pereira and Clifford Desir were honored, respectively, as December and January Cop-of-the-Month by the Precinct Community Council on February 28th.

On December 5, 2016, a female caller dialed 911 about 7:20 am to report an “assault in progress” after she was punched in the face by a boyfriend, resulting in a lacerated eye.

Officer Pereira, assigned to the 114th domestic violence unit discovered that the suspected male attacker had six outstanding criminal contempt citations with the same victim. After several weeks without leads, he put up a fake profile on a dating site the suspected perpetrator was known to use in the hopes he would seek a meeting.

 “The ‘perp’ took the bait,” said Inspector Fortune, and an online conversation occurred with the suspect at the precinct on January 25 with a date to meet at a bar in Manhattan arranged. The suspect was arrested on his arrival later that day and was subsequently charged with attempted murder.

“There were a lot of us involved in this,” he said, thanking Inspector Fortune and the precinct community council.

Officer Desir was on midnight patrol duty in uniform in a marked patrol car on January 22nd, when a 911 call about a female in distress at 21st Street and 24th Avenue was received. Desir observed a man in a building at the location and the location was secured after narcotics and a shotgun was observed through a window. At 4 am, a second male was observed.

Remaining at the location until 8 am, Officer Desir obtained the search warrant allowing officers from the Emergency Services Unit to enter the apartment where a .40 caliber weapon, ammunition, magazines and eight ounces of crack cocaine and heroin were recovered.

Officer Desir, who was responsible for a total of nine precinct arrests in January, arrested all six individuals inside the apartment.

“I’m honored and love working in the 114th,” he said.
To date, crime is down 7 percent in the 114th Precinct.
“I’m very happy with the start we’re off to,” said Inspector Fortune.  

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