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David McElfresh

Director David McElfresh, 36, is an Astoria resident and A Long Time for Lovers is his second feature. “The eight years I’ve lived in New York City, it’s all been in Queens. I love Queens. All but two scenes were shot in Queens, which makes us thrilled to be showing the film at Queens World Film Festival (QWFF),” said McElfresh. He is currently raising funds for his third feature, Floaters. He has 10 years of post production and visual effects experience, working on network television shows, such as Royal Pains, The Affair, The Americans and Elementary (all New York productions) and films such as Zoolander 2, Monday Monster and The Purge: Election Year.

QG: What first got you into cinema?

DM: I first got excited about cinema from watching Kubrick films when I was a teenager. (Yes, it’s a generic answer, but it’s true.) And then Jim Carrey, followed by Jimmy Stewart.

QG: What actors or films to you count as some of your greatest influences?

DM: I’m mostly influenced by films like Short Cuts, Nashville and The Long Goodbye. I love films with large casts and multiple story lines.

QG: How has living in Astoria informed your experience as a filmmaker?

DM: Living in Astoria, to some extent, feels very removed from New York City. It gives me time to breathe and relax. I can write and watch films without listening to cars constantly honk their horns and hearing people screaming.

QG: What about working on smaller projects differs, in your view, from some of the larger things you’ve worked on (The Affair, The Americans, etc.)?

DM: For me, there’s a large separation between my day job as a visual effects producer and making films, being a filmmaker. I’m incredibly passionate about making films, telling stories, working with actors. Not to say I hate my day job, but it’s a 9-to-5, and if I could make films full time I would!

QG: What are some of your favorite things to do in Queens?

DM: I live a block from the Bohemian Beer Garden – what else can I say? And the Sparrow and the Bonnie. These are great places for me to hang out, relax and get a drink. I love walking around Astoria Park on Saturdays and Sundays, if only to collect my thoughts and slow life down.

This column was originated in July, 2013 by Nicollette Barsamian.

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