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Cops Offer Safety Tips For Runners

By Liz Goff
In light of this week’s warming temperatures, NYPD officials are again reaching out to the public with a series of tops designed to increase the safety of folks that run and jog on city streets.

The tips include:

  • Never run alone. Run wit a partner, group or local running club to help you stay safe on the street.
  • Run during daylight hours, when possible. If you must run at night, do not run alone and always wear light-reflective or light-colored clothing
  • Know your route. Familiarize yourself with the location of phones, police and utility call boxes, local police precincts, hospitals, firehouses and 24-hour businesses along your route
  • Stay alert, listen to your instincts and vary your route if you sense that you are being followed or are in danger. Stay away from deserted and poorly-lit areas
  • If you must run on the street, run against traffic wherever possible. Wear reflective clothing, carry a whistle to alert motorists of your presence and stay alert to traffic.
  • Be aware of other runners and people who are around you. Do not EVER respond to verbal harassment and carry a whistle or air horn to summon emergency assistance
  • Do not EVER wear jewelry such as chains, medallions, rings or expensive watches. Leave these and other expensive jewelry items at home to keep them – and yourself safe while running
  • Avoid wearing headphones. If you insist on tuning-in to your iPod, turn down the volume so you can hear what is going on around you
  • Always carry some form of personal identification, especially medical alert information and “who to notify” for responders to use if you are in an accident or suffer an injury

For more tips and information, or to register your electronic devices (iPods, phones, tablets, etc.) in free NYPD recovery programs, call the Crime Prevention or Community Affairs Officer at your local police precinct.









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