2017-02-22 / Editorials

Consider Taking The Ferry

Now that there are glimmers of sun and warmth, we cannot wait to start planning outings. One thing we do not think enough people know to take advantage of is the East River Ferry.

It is a gorgeous, scenic ride, with excellent destinations. The ferry departs quite often and is very reasonably priced. Take in the exquisite views and as you capture photos of them, you can include yourself and loved ones in the shots for a fresh new profile portrait.

We love the ferry for making Long Island City that much more accessible, that much more well-situated and convenient, and even more of a magnet for all its Queens neighbors, for the rest of the city, and indeed the world, as they enter via JFK and LaGuardia (which are both being overhauled).

Visitors will be glad to come and spend quality time in Astoria/Long Island City. It boasts a vigorous art scene, cutting edge culinary adventures and a wide variety of performance spaces and institutions such as MoMA PS1 and the Museum of the Moving Image.

Residents will enjoy easy ferry access to Brooklyn, Manhattan – and seasonally, to Governor’s Island – and can bring bicycles for a nominal fee. The schedule changes seasonally. It is still on the winter schedule, with departures about twice an hour, weekdays; on the weekends it runs less often, and that’s okay, as it is like a pleasure cruise. There are departures from early morning until early evening.

Alternatively, there is also our brand-new Citywide Ferry Service from Queens to Manhattan, which has been highlighted in previous issues. At $2.75 (the same as the subway and city buses), it provides a scenic, pleasant alternative to our other forms of mass transit. Take a ride from Astoria and LIC to Roosevelt Island or E. 34th Street (6 minutes) and Pier 11 (another 16 minutes) in Manhattan; it operates from 6:30 am until 10 pm, and is also bicycle and stroller friendly.

But getting back to the older ferry, the East River Ferry – more and more, we in Queens and Brooklyn wish to visit each other directly, taking advantage of the unique offerings in food, entertainment and shopping each borough has to offer.

For those clamoring for direct access to our brother borough, Brooklyn, the East River Ferry delivers, bringing you from Hunters Point/Long Island City to Greenpoint, North and South Williamsburg, or Bridge Park/DUMBO (down under Manhattan Bridge), a wonderful waterfront neighborhood in Brooklyn. Or you can continue on to Wall Street/Pier 11, in Manhattan; or go straight to E. 34th Street from Hunters Point/LIC. Of course visitors can travel in the opposite direction, from Manhattan and/or Brooklyn north to Queens.

Tickets for the East River Ferry start at $4-6 for a one-way trip; you can bring your bike for a $1-3 surcharge; you can get all-day weekday ($12) and weekend ($18) passes; and even 30-day/monthly passes ($160).

We like this idea a lot, and see it becoming a major go-to mode of transportation, as it opens up access to and from our area, making it more convenient for living, working, exploring and being.

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