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Band, Loose Buttons, Blows Buttons Off Unsuspecting Audience

By DVCK OO27 .music.

Loose Buttons performing. 

            Loose Buttons performing. HouGoLightly Media's latest best kept secret, Loose Buttons, is the music sensation currently gracing NYC locals with their majestic presentation of audible expression now being exhibited regularly at the Pianos music venue in Manhattan's East Village where their on-stage ambiance becomes resemblant to a dream.  

Out on the town with no intention of slowing in velocity, their hypnotizing energy exertion ceremonies in the form of mind pleasing musical performance journeys are nothing short of a teaspoon of pure satisfaction. 

After a visit and chat with the group following their most recent Pianos musical exhibition exorcism expressionism, the band's lead singer, Eric Nizgretsky, reported that the group's influence comes largely from rock music during the era of yesterday (the 90's eclectic rock vibes). 

It was additionally noted, that they are concurrently interweaving a 2017 flavor twist extracted from an ever changing social landscape of variety to splice into their sounds, adding a meticulously generated element of new age spirit into their music with an old soul, in order to best accommodate and propagate their glide towards future growth.



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