2017-02-08 / Editorials

The Sweetest Holiday: Valentine’s Day

The roots of St. Valentine’s Day actually go all the way back to Roman times at least. It may be connected to a fertility celebration, no doubt signaled by the first inklings of spring with milder weather and longer days. Another origin theory holds that towards the end of the Roman Empire, there was a bishop named Valentine who performed clandestine marriages for young Roman soldiers. This was forbidden by Claudius II, as he felt men with families would have stronger ties to home and hearth, making the men less willing to risk life and limb for the empire. There is also the theory that some birds mate annually on February 14th, and we all know some birds are famous for pairing up for life.

However or wherever it started, Valentine’s Day fills a need we have and is here to stay! We show our love as much and as often as possible, or we would like to. Some of us can use a reminder, and on that day, our loved ones will be sure to notice how much they really matter to us. Start a new romance, rekindle an older one, and/or show your dearest friends and closest relatives how much you really care for them. There is no time like the present, so make the most of it. Why make it perfunctory when you can make it special! Pick up some inspiring new art supplies and make something, or at least a card. An unforgettable Valentine’s Day would likely include indulging loved ones with their favorite food, wine; maybe some jewelry, a concert, show or nightclubbing; baked goodies and desserts; and of course, candy and flowers are always appreciated! Hopefully mild weather will prevail and an evening stroll would be romantic, taking in a spectacular sunset over the Manhattan skyline from one of our plentiful parks or even from our many restaurant rows. There is no lack of things to do, see and savor in the sweetest of boroughs – Queens. So we wish you, our dear readers a fine lovefest of a Valentine’s Day!

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