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New Name For Local Crime Prevention

By Liz Goff
Meet recently appointed 114th Precinct Crime Prevention Officer, Gabriel Tovar, who has more than a decade on the job, an eye on crime and a message he hopes to share with the community.


“Education is essential to crime prevention,” Tovar said. “I look forward to working with residents and business owners within the 114th Precinct to help protect them and their property.”


Tovar began his career as a rookie cop at the 115th Precinct in Jackson Heights, where he was assigned to the NYPD’s Operation Impact, an initiative that places additional officers on the streets of commands with spiking crime rates. He worked in neighborhood policing and field training units at the 115th Precinct before being transferred to the Astoria command.


Tovar has been patrolling local streets in the 114th Precinct for more than ten years, giving him extensive knowledge of neighborhoods within the command. His experience has helped him develop an understanding of people and places within the community, an invaluable crime prevention tool.


Tovar is urging residents and business owners to take advantage of NYPD crime prevention programs offered free of charge at the 114th Precinct, including:

  • NYPD CAT Program (Combat Auto Theft).
  • NYPD COM CAT Program (Commuter, Combat Auto Theft Program).
  • VIN Etch Program – Vehicle Registration Program.
  • NYPD HEAT Program (Help End Auto Theft).
  • NYPD Livery, Taxi Robbery Initiative.


Each of these programs is specifically tailored to accommodate the needs of individual vehicle owners and may offer motorists a discount from auto insurers.


Tovar is also urging residents and business owners to take advantage of Crime Prevention Surveys provided free of charge by the NYPD. Upon request, precinct personnel set up an appointment to visit residences and business locations to provide suggestions and options on available crime prevention methods that can be installed at little or no cost.


For more information on these or other free NYPD crime prevention programs, or for assistance with specific conditions, call Tovar at the 114th Precinct Crime Prevention office at 718-626-9324.


“I welcome questions from the community and look forward to addressing conditions within the precinct,” Tovar said. “We want people to know that we are here for them.”

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