2017-02-01 / Editorials

State Of The Borough: Robust

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz is leading the way, and, as we could see in her State of the Borough address, the borough has never been better. It is thriving, people are happy, and more want to move to “The World’s Borough,” our nickname coined by Katz. Queens is so named for its popularity with the international community as a place to put down roots in America. With tourists from everywhere, and 12 million visitors – we even compete with Manhattan as the borough to come to for cultural events, sports, and shopping opportunities. If anyone has their doubts, Queens has been named Lonely Planet’s best of the “Best in the US;” “NYC’s Coolest Borough” by Condé Nast Traveler; and one of MSN Money’s “15 Hottest American Cities.” And for Queens residents and aspirants, we have the world outside our front door, whether we choose to take a walk or one of the many public transportation options, which are also growing. There are mass transit projects in the works including a new ferry, and both our airports are getting revamped to meet the future, with consideration for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Whether it is homes, jobs, or schools, our mission is clear; guiding all efforts toward improving the quality of life for today, and always making the choices that will serve us best down the road. We are investing smartly in education, transportation, health care, infrastructure, upgrading facilities and development – all while prioritizing the increase of jobs and encouraging business opportunities for Queensites in the process. According to the statistics, crime rates continue to drop. Health care is burgeoning, as our readers have seen in the Gazette Medical Edition last week.

In the midst of all the improvements and development, the focus remains on preserving the community feel of each neighborhood. We are growing in a conscious way, thanks to many neighborhood organizations and local officials who invite and listen to the community’s input. That involvement by as many residents as possible is what makes the difference in creating the best place to live and visit The World’s Borough.

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