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NPR Music To Premier Jona Of Arc's New Video

By Nicollette Barsamian

1. Why would you classify yourselves as strange?

It is a strange strange world, all the beauty and systematized injustice and memories haunting all of us skewing our perceptions all the time. I wouldn't classify myself as any more or less strange than anyone or anything else. Maybe as a creative person I have a bias for honesty cuz that's where the ripe pickings are. 

2. What's the hardest part about staying together in a band?

Money is tough. If 20 percent more people came to see us everywhere we'd make 100 percent more money and it'd be 1000 percent simpler to keep being a band if we didn't need to work our dayjobs so much

3. What inspires you in life? What inspires you musically?

I dunno. I'm a pretty fierce believer in choosing joy and positivity. There are plenty of angles I could choose to assess my life from that would totally cripple me. But it turns out I really enjoy what I do more than I enjoy anything else, so I sort of have no choice but find the inspiring angles. I am very deliberate and picky about what I take in and pay attention to. 

4. How long would you like to keep making music for?

I hope to play music not one minute longer than I enjoy doing so. I'll be totally content to drop it one day if it doesn't bring me pleasure. It's fallen away for months or years at a time before and it doesn't stress me out. So far it's always called me back, but if at some point it doesn't that'll be fine cuz I'm sure something else will be occupying me.  

5. What would you love to work on next? 

I got a few things all stuck around 90 percent done. I'm excited to have some time to finish them. 

6. What was your favorite city to perform in?

I dunno. I feel like the luckiest person ever born. I've been able to go to so many amazing places. I love Tokyo most maybe cuz I have so many friends there now and it's the most alien place in which I feel the most at home. But I also love Miami cuz where else would they combine our show with the KRS-1 show cuz they don't want them to compete? That's a sensibility I love and wish upon everywhere. 

7. What is the hardest part about having fans? What's the most gratifying?

Ha I dunno. People treat me weird sometimes. Like everyone, I prefer to feel OK being myself and sometimes strangers will come at me pretty hard in a way that doesn't make that easy to do. That can be awkward. But of course that is nothing compared to the incredible gift of having people appreciate what I do. So primarily I am incredibly grateful that anyone anywhere pays attention to what we do. They enable the whole thing! It's an incredible gift they give us!

8. How do you come up with your amazing titles?

I throw away about 98 percent of everything I write and then I don't look to close at the stuff that ends up sticking around. Make sense?

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