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Kim’s Focus For 2017: Protect Small Businesses, Save Jobs

Assembly Member Ron Kim with Assembly Member-elect Yuh-line Niou (Kim’s former Chief of Staff). Assembly Member Ron Kim with Assembly Member-elect Yuh-line Niou (Kim’s former Chief of Staff). Assembly Member Ron Kim’s office has released a statement on his budget and legislative focus for 2017. It states that since he has taken office, Kim has “‘consistently been a strong voice for the small business community, often pushing back against the governor and mayor to protect entrepreneurs from unreachable mandates and targeted enforcement.”‘

Kim stated, “For the last few years, family-owned small business owners have been bullied and vilified by the governor’s administration. As a result, recent population data verifies exactly what I had warned the governor: people are leaving the state for better business and working conditions. When your actions, like creating unreachable insurance requirements such as wage bonds, make it impossible for hard working entrepreneurs to start a business in New York, people will take their businesses and jobs elsewhere.

“That is why I will be spending the next few weeks focusing on introducing a series of budgetary and legislative solutions to make New York pro-small business again.”

The following is a summary of Assembly Member Kim’s planned initiatives to protect small businesses:

1) Sustainable Small Business Fund and Grant Program: Assembly Member Kim will advocate for $50 million in the 2017 budget to assist dry cleaners, nail salons, and beauty parlors in upgrading their ventilation systems and equipment to meet sustainable, environmentally friendly working conditions.

2) Restaurant Protection Act: Kim will introduce new legislation providing whistleblower protection for restaurant owners and workers who witness abuses of power by agency and health inspectors.

3) Crowdfunding Access for Small Businesses: Kim is working closely with New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to bring tech-based financial access for everyday entrepreneurs seeking small to medium-sized investments to improve and develop their business.

4) Tax Cuts for Small Businesses: Kim will push for $600 million in tax cuts for small businesses to help mom-and-pop store owners facing difficulties with the increase of the state’s minimum wage.

In the next few weeks, Assemblyman Kim’s office will be announcing further details and a comprehensive agenda for advancing these measures in this year’s Session.

Assembly Member Ron Kim added, “I applaud Governor Andrew Cuomo for focusing our attention on reviving the middle class and support his message. His father, Governor Mario Cuomo, provided incentives to empower small business owners to be part of the New York economy, and I encourage him to do the same. Protecting small businesses leads to more jobs for New Yorkers – jobs that will expand the middle class and offer greater opportunities for all.”

Thomas J. Grech, Executive Director of the Queens Chamber of Commerce said, “I thank Assemblyman Kim for demonstrating his firm dedication to helping our state’s small business owners. In the face of increasingly adverse conditions, many mom-and-pop stores have simply struggled to survive, but they still represent the heart of New York’s economy. I look forward to working with the Assembly Member and any other elected officials committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.”

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