2017-01-18 / Editorials

Save The Coyotes

What remains of a coyote family is being threatened with a death sentence near LaGuardia Airport. There are three cubs that have already lost their parents and siblings when they were killed last fall. It is not their fault our development is reducing their territory, and they would avoid us if they had an alternative. There are better alternatives and preventive measures we should take: vegetation can be cut back, we can forbid feeding them, keep the area clean so as not to attract rodents which are their prey and they will naturally leave the area. In the meantime, it would be more humane to relocate them to a sanctuary. A philanthropist has offered to pay to have them moved to a sanctuary north of the city, now it is up to the Department of Environmental Conservation to give the okay. An actual sanctuary has been located, so to euthanize the pups would be cruelly unnecessary. Since it can be done, it should be. There is no emergency, and it is not fair to the animals, who have a right to live as well as we do.

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