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Reset For 2017

Written by Nicollette Barsamian and Jon Headlee

Photos Pano Rafa (Rafael O. Gonzalez)Photos Pano Rafa (Rafael O. Gonzalez)Life doesn't always give you a chance to reset, but after the roller coaster through collective insanity that was 2016, we all needed to hit the reset button. Myk Tummolo, the sonic singularity shifting the techno plates of NYC's nightlife with the Junxion crew, said it was his gf, Marcia, who determined the party's theme.

They chose perfectly.

As Myk told the crowd in the wee hours of the young year, we made this happen, all of us, and if 2016 was the year of runaway egos, then 2017 should be the year of collaboration and community creation. This wasn't just Junxion throwing down; Lightning Society, The Paper Factory Hotel, and dozens of cherished performers and artists came together to provide a choose your own adventure for thousands of party goers dressed for a style reset.

Some wore regalia perfect for a royal gathering. Others glowed and glimmered for a 21st century disco renaissance. There were stilt walkers evoking snowy flamingos, and body paint models covered in more silver than a Mad Max fantasy. Valhalla might be getting a reset too.

The spiritual energy about the event was palpable. It's not just 
our politics or parties that needed to be reset. We needed to reset our collective spirit after an election that had some of our best and brightest questioning the future of the human race. Some openly questioned whether a civil war or WW3 would break out before the next NYE. We provided tarot readings for those in need of advice, and the future looks bright, assuming we continue the collaborative mission.

The night flowed with positive vibes registering on the Richter scale. Compliments couldn't fly fast enough. Smiles surged with each beat drop, and the gratitude grew with each crescendo. It was more like a family reunion than an excuse for strangers to get drunk together. When some friends started chanting Headlee 2020 by the Stella Artois photo booth, we thought we might have entered an alternate reality.

But no, this was a reset. Not just a reset to start a new year, but a reset to redefine how a community plans to approach the next 4 years.

We made it. We reset the game. No matter what garbage
you may smell coming from DC, there's a fresh new funk pumping from the Burroughs. We are going to make this world better for all of us. We are resetting the hate, resetting the greed, and resetting the David Baren PhotoDavid Baren Photoregret. The future is now, and there's a place setting for everyone at the table.

The only resolution is reset. Don't buck the trends; reset them. Don't protest past injustices; reset how we achieve justice now. Don't bemoan the haters; reset how the world sees them. Reset your habits, the way you love, how you dance, and most of all, how you think of friends and strangers.

Photos Sasha B PhotoPhotos Sasha B PhotoWe're all in this together, so let's make the most of this year.

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