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NYPD: Reclaim Seized Property Before Auction


NYPD officials are urging city residents to claim property that was seized at crime scenes, as evidence in criminal cases, along with property confiscated from emotionally disturbed, intoxicated or deceased individuals.

Cameras, handbags, jewelry, furniture, boats, bicycles, calculators, sound systems, computers, hardware and other unclaimed items fill the NYPD Queens Property Clerk at 47-07 Pearson Place in Long Island City, Queens police officials said.

Vehicles confiscated by the NYPD in Queens are stored at the Springfield Gardens Auto Pound at 172-20 North Boundary Road, officials said.

“Items seized by officers at crime scenes or confiscated from the homes of deceased persons, or people who are unable to care for themselves are often forgotten or unknown to relatives, a police source said. “When someone is arrested, they remember their property and usually retrieve it, but a large amount of forgotten property remains unclaimed and headed for the auction block.”

The items are held from three months to three years, depending on their value, police said. NYPD auctions are held several times each year.

For information on how to reclaim seized property or to determine if property was removed from the residence of a deceased or other individual go to: www.propertyclerk@nypd.com.
For information on vehicles seized in Queens call: 718553-9555. For information on all other items seized in Queens call: 718-433-2678.

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