2017-01-04 / Editorials

Welcome, 2017!

Join us in resolving to make 2017 your best year ever, as an individual, a community, neighborhood, city, country and planet. Whether 2016 was our favorite, or worst year, we will put it all behind us and charge ahead. We never give up hope for the best going forward. Celebrating the New Year is a custom common to people all over the world; there must be something to it.

However worn out one may feel after the rollercoaster ride that was last year, as a news organization, we cannot take a break from politics, and we do not recommend anyone else does, either. We do have a hand in our collective future, and everyone’s input is always needed. Even though privately we claim to not want to hear about it, we are still avidly curious about the daily developments of the world. Perhaps it is an acquired taste. Sometimes, we even find that our own observations or points of view make it into the general consensus – not sure how it happens, but it can be a relief to know we are not a lone voice in the wilderness; a real sign of our true connectedness to one and all.

But back to going forward…

We think making and keeping resolutions is a great tradition. It helps the individual, as well as contributing to the greater good. If we work on our resolutions and become happier, and better people, it helps everyone. It behooves us to think beyond the number one resolution: losing weight. It can stay on the table, so to speak, but we can also consider other ways to make our lives and our loved ones’ lives better. In any case, we do not encounter many people with difficulties making resolutions. Keeping them is another story.

As for help with keeping resolutions: “Keep your eyes on the prize.” The best advice we ever received for quitting smoking (fill in the blank here with your own most difficult resolution) was to make a personal mission statement on the resolution. It is a brief reminder of the motivation (number one benefit / drawback) that we are able to summon up whenever faced with temptation. And though there were several false starts, the mission statement kept – and keeps us – on track. By all means, do include any other fortifications you can: rewards, graphic reminders, healthy substitutes, intermediate goals (small steps…a helpful resolution was to take care of only one from a long list of odious chores each day – rather than saving it up for one terrible, awful, exhausting, horrible day). Remember, you can be your own best friend. Your best friend roots for you, does not hold past failure over your head, or look for fault, but encourages positive achievements, and self-acceptance. And as your other best friends, we at the Gazette wish you good luck with achieving your goals, whatever they are, and success in making this your best year yet!

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