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NYPD: Stay Safe & Sober This New Years Weekend

By Liz Goff
Queens police officials are reminding New Years Eve party hosts that they are responsible for keeping their guests safe by offering non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers – guests who plan to get behind the wheel after the celebration.

Party hosts who want to help designated drivers quench their thirst on New Years Eve might consider serving up some drinks that are low in alcohol or alcohol-free, police said.

Hosts can also help curb alcohol consumption at New Year’s Eve parties by serving more food than drink, said a spokesperson for the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation.

To help keep designated drivers sober and to save lives on one of the deadliest driving nights of the year, the NYPD is partnering with the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation to offer party hosts these tips:

  • Offer guests food before drinks
  • After serving first drinks, let guests determine when they want a refill. Don’t encourage guests to take additional drinks or spend the evening refreshing drinks in guests’ hands.
  • NEVER offer “one for the road” to guests who do not have a designated driver.
  • Offer guests coffee at least an hour or more before they plan to leave the party. Remember, coffee is not a cure for overindulgence. But while drinking coffee, guests are not consuming more alcohol.

If a guest does drink too much, see that they get a ride home from someone who has not been drinking. You might also call a taxi to take the overindulgent guest home, police said.

If a guest appears too drunk to make it home by taxi, find a way to get them home safely or offer them a place to spend the night.

Queens police remind party-goers that local precincts will step-up enforcement this weekend by establishing checkpoints throughout neighborhoods to catch drunk drivers who opt to take the wheel. Anyone caught drunk behind the wheel will be arrested and put through the system, police said.

“New Years Eve is a time of celebration, reminiscing happy times and embracing the promise of a new year,” an NYPD spokesperson said.

“Stay safe, stay happy and sober – and have a Happy New Year.”





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