2016-12-28 / Editorials

A Healthy Prosperous New Year To You!

We are ever hopeful for improvement each New Year. Some are looking forward to great strides in all areas of life with this new year, some are less optimistic. We are happy to say goodbye to certain aspects of the previous year, and look forward to future success in all spheres of life. The only thing we each really have control over is our own behavior and choices, so we strive to make wise, well thought out ones. Like mature people, we try to meet fair expectations others have of us, and expectations we have placed upon ourselves.

It is that time of year, arbitrary though it might be, when most of us decide to start fresh. We have certain changes we would like to make in our lives, to help make everything go in a preferred direction. Some of us will choose more adventure, some will choose to focus on strengthening relationships, or making strides in our careers, and resolving to start or restart healthy habits, and abandon other, unhealthy lifestyle choices. In any case, it is time to take stock. Just like we link up Daylight Savings to changing our smoke alarm batteries, we have linked up this annual inventory of comparing where we are, and where we would like to head. It would not be a bad idea to have a dinnertime conversation on this topic with family and friends, especially the young ones, as it is a useful practice in being the pilot of one’s own life.

In the midst of making constructive plans and choices, we also get to leave room for good old fun that infringes upon no one else. So ring in the New Year in your favorite way, and whatever choices you are considering, it never hurts to have good luck on your side, so this we wish you – good luck and a happy, healthy New Year!

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