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Movie Review:

‘Diving Into Unknown’
Upon viewing the stunning film,  “Diving Into the Unknown” at the DOC NYC Film Festival 2016, Seventh Edition, this year in Chelsea, during a behind the scenes screening, it was illuminating as to the type of murky underwater scenarios that people intentionally attempt to exist within. They push the limitations of life because they know this place’s extravagant serenity is unparalleled by anywhere else in existence.  The film begins explaining the nature of this fantastical world below the surface in Norwegian and Finnish locations, bringing the audience into underwater ice caves, in which the characters of the film gently nestle, to carry out various underwater examinations. The glorious film was shot in both countries, in order to convey the true scope and beauty that these regions were capable of alluring audiences with. You very much feel underwater and within an aquarium as you encounter complete sensory engagement through the captivating underwater shots throughout the film. It is a unique and unearthed angle of life that is expressed with the highest of appreciation through the fascinating, dynamic shots filmed underwater, as described by director Juan Reina, during a recent phone interview. Shots were said to be extremely difficult to attain at times, and reportedly, one of their primary drones with a very expensive RED camera attached to it, almost went down and crashed during the filming due to the inclement conditions and extreme cold also suffered by the cast and crew. This documentary is a look into the deep-sea diving world of the cast members, who are unfortunately soon after commencing filming the documentar, lost part of their diving team due to the hazardous nature that looms amid the unknown corners of this Scandinavian underwater cave architecture.  Upon authorities concluding there is no possible way to retrieve the bodies during the documented process, the team decides to go themselves, against all bureaucratic discouragement, to recover friends from beneath the ice-covered danger vessels. Will the team recover bodies of the "the boys" from an underwater death zone? You will have to witness the film to unearth the results.  In the meantime, Juan Reina indicated he will surely continue making excellent films, encouraged by the praise from this magnificent illustration of pictures in motion, and propel himself into the future with more spectacular film developments. 


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