2016-12-21 / Editorials

Happiest Of Holidays To You!

Christmas and Chanukah are finally here, and we hope everyone has most of their preparations taken care of so they may unreservedly look forward to celebrating with loved ones. It is also the 50th anniversary of Kwanzaa.

Enjoy your turkeys, egg nogs, lasagnas, cheese grits, latkes, coquitos and baklavas. Many of us hearken back to the customs of the old country, while simultaneously creating and forging specifically American ones, as they evolve through the decades. Some aspects are common to all: celebrating with family, and extending brotherhood to all.

During this time of year, when our holidays all are symbolized by light, it is also appropriately the time when the Buddha became enlightened, or Bodhi day, which is celebrated annually on December 8.

Today is the official start of winter, according to the calendar, but ironically, after today, the daylight gradually starts getting longer, and for that we are grateful. Until the time of year when the day is not yet over when we leave work, we have our beautiful holiday decorations up everywhere to cheer us.

Our holidays, probably extend in some form or another back to the dawn of humanity, when somehow they knew the days would gradually be getting longer, by only a minute each day. But do not scoff. That comes to an extra half hour each month, until we start thawing out again in the spring. In the meantime, we use our amazing inventions to keep us going, barely skipping a beat as we make our plans, do our work, and most importantly, celebrate life and everything important to us. Happiest of holidays to one and all, dear readers – merry Christmas, happy Chanukah and happy holidays, whatever you are celebrating!

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