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Queens Midtown Tunnel Tolls To Go Cashless

By Liz Goff

Motorists who drive through the Queens Midtown Tunnel will soon have to stash their cash to pay a bill for the journey.
Starting in January, Queens- and Manhattan-bound toll plazas at the tunnel will stop accepting cash from motorists, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) said.
“It’s definitely good news. The old toll booths will be coming down as we move to a fully open road cashless tolling operation,” MTA Director of Community Affairs Director Joyce Mulvaney said. “Traffic will move more efficiently and it’s better for the environment.”
Motorists without an E-ZPass will have their vehicle license plate photographed by cameras installed at the toll plaza, Mulvaney said. Those motorists will receive a bill in the mail within 30 days.
The MTA has obtained agreements from other states to send invoices to the registered owners of out-of-state vehicles for the price of the toll, agency spokesperson Christopher McKniff said.
The new policy will not apply to motorists who use an E-ZPass, Mulvaney said. The price of the toll is $5.54 for E-ZPass users, and $8 for vehicles without an E-ZPass. Motorists who fail to pay the bill on time will be issued a $100 violation, and those who choose to ignore the bill will be contacted by a collection agency.
The MTA expects to turn each of its seven bridges and two tunnels into cashless tolls by the end of 2017. The transition is not expected to result in a loss of jobs, since there are no dedicated toll collectors at any of the venues, McKniff said. The tollbooths are operated by MTA Bridges & Tunnels officers who will be assigned to other duties, he explained.

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