2016-12-14 / Editorials

Peace And Tolerance, Not Just For The Holidays

It really is wrong for hate issues to play front and center. We say, enough with the hate from all sides! It is inappropriate and despicable for people to be singled out and persecuted for their religion, skin color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race – whether white, black, Latino, Asian or Anglo-Saxon, it is irrelevant. We really have no room for this climate of intolerance; that is nothing to be proud of and is not what America is about. It really is ugly and distasteful, at any time, and it is glaringly obvious during the holidays, which remind us to always be magnanimous, the opposite of mean.

We wish and pray this would not happen, and that we could somehow heal and pursue this country’s foundational ideal of coexistence. One does not have to like or agree with everybody – if you don’t, you don’t. But we keep the peace for our mutual benefit, like any functional family does. We can disagree without hating, that is what civilization is about. Certainly, we do not want or need hatemongering and negativity from all sides thrown at any religion, ethnic group, or sexual orientation. It is a species of bullying which, everyone agrees, is contemptible and wrong. Incidents are even occurring among children. Remember, they do as we do and speak, not so much as we tell them, so we should remember to model our best behavior and speech, for they are always looking to us. Goodness begins at home and spreads to the neighborhood, borough, state and country.

Queens, as we wrote in last week’s Editorial, is the most diverse, and the people are some of the best in the world because they come here to build, create and coexist in peace. If we let intolerance get in the way, we will not achieve all we can, as we have in the past. That would be a turn for the worse for the borough, the city, the state and country.

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