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History Of The Yule Log

The Yule Log began as a pagan ritual in the time of the Druids, when peasants would light a large log on the “darkest day of the year – Winter Solstice,” to keep evil spirits away.

Legend has it that the logs burned through the “longest night,” while the peasants waited for the sun to rise again.

The ritual changed into a Christian tradition, marking the sun’s victory over darkness. The tradition has become closely associated with Christmas, as a symbol of “new light over darkness.”

History Of Christmas Bells

Bells were sounded on Pagan holidays, to keep away evil spirits in the night – and to announce a new “awakening.”

Christmas bells were announced in the United States with the arrival of Christianity, and were used to call people to “gather, rejoice and worship.”

Bells now ring out during the Christmas season to announce the arrival of the holiday season, and proclaim the birth of Christ.

–Liz Goff

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