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History Of Christmas Ornaments

By Liz Goff
For most people, decorating their homes and Christmas trees with ornaments is one of the most traditional ways to capture the excitement and magic of the holiday season.

Evergreen Christmas trees made their appearance in American homes in the 1700’s, when families decorated them with white wafers and small pastries cut into stars, angels, hearts and flowers.

Holiday ornaments, as we know them, became popular in the 1880’s when F.W. Woolworth stocked his five-and-dime stores with German-made, hand cast glass decorations adorned with ribbon and tinsel. There was no competition to the German made ornaments until 1925, when Japan began producing them in large quantities for export to the United States.

Christmas ornaments were first produced in the United States in 1939, when engineers at Corning Glass used a machine designed to produce light bulbs to make more traditional U.S. designs.

Since that time, ornaments have appeared on store shelves in a large assortment of styles and sizes, bearing religious designs, traditional holiday designs, cartoon and family images that brighten the Christmas season in homes all over America.

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