2016-12-07 / Editorials

Queens: A Bountiful Shopping Opportunity

Queens offers a treasure trove of wonderful things to celebrate all year round, but especially in December with all the big holidays – Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa – as you can see in this Gazette Holiday Portfolio issue. The awesome variety of places to live, shop, work, dine and have fun in our home borough are at one’s doorstep. We always said, “Take the 7 train, see the world,” but we have revised it now that we need only take a walk down the street to experience this fabulous microcosm. Venues catering to and sharing the best of every ethnicity, culture, religion – indeed, every contingent of the Queens family – in every imaginable combination, are available to us. But most importantly, the best from around the world have come to call Queens home. It is not just the diversity factor – it is the fact that people with aspirations to make their dreams happen have settled here. They have come, not only with dreams, but with their determination and willingness to take risks, make sacrifices and work, work, work.

Yes, it is the most diverse county in the country, but at the same time, our people brought with them a strong desire and dedication to do better – to help not only themselves and their families, but also others – whether it is setting up a soup kitchen or other community-oriented service. Diversity is beautiful and tastes great, but without the hard workers we would not get those topnotch restaurants, boutiques, salons, nightclubs, galleries, catering halls, jewelers, cafes, pubs and bakeries, not to mention more practical concerns like realtors, contractors, medical professionals, design firms, and any other services one can think of. That is why Queens is the best, and why you can celebrate the holidays here in unrivaled style.

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