2016-11-30 / Editorials

‘Here, Here’ For Happy Holidays!

December is upon us, and the holidays are here, and however you choose to celebrate, we wish you enjoyment and satisfaction. It is fun and enlightening to join in the celebrations with friends of other cultures and religions. We discover new dishes, traditions, games, stories, sayings, worldviews and beliefs, but also, we discover the underlying similarities we all share as people in this life together. We are lucky to live in an inclusive society that not only tolerates differences, but embraces them. The world is getting smaller and more interconnected all the time, so it only makes sense. The forms may differ, but all involve the human spirit creating warmth, in all its senses, to make up for the bracing cold. Plus the bonus of frosty natural beauty, and crystal clear sunny days.

And as we prepare to spread good cheer, do not forget to shop local. In so doing, you help yourself to great bargains and the uniqueness and stunning variety of our borough, and also help your neighbors, many of whom own these establishments, or work at them; all while helping your neighborhood, and the borough’s economy! You will save yourself the hassle of a long voyage, laden with packages and traffic, or the uncertain wait and expense of shipping. You can get creative, ask for gift cerificates at places in which your loved ones enjoy shopping, eating, indulging hobbies, or even getting haircuts, manicures and other services. It can, and should, be a pleasant and fun experience to find tokens of love to bring smiles to our favorite people.

May the warmth of the season make up for the cold weather, warming our hearts and souls as well as our bundled-up bodies. Enjoy December!

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