2016-11-23 / Editorials

Keep Giving Thanks

On this Thanksgiving week our thoughts turn, as always, to what we are most thankful for in life. First and foremost, we have our loved ones to be thankful for. Whether they live nearby or not, we have the ability to easily communicate with them pretty much whenever we wish, inexpensively. The march of progress continues every day with useful and convenient inventions. Information and communication truly are now available on a superhighway or something even quicker; let’s call it the information transporter. But no matter how fast we go we are always struck by the human aspect of any holiday. Every Thanksgiving, we witness the heartwarming generosity of so many, and it inspires us to do the same. With such people in it, the world can never be without hope. We thank God for the greatest gift of all – life. We are also grateful for our readers and our advertisers, without either of whom we could not continue in the work we love. And so we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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