2016-11-16 / Editorials

Post-Election Unification

The 2016 Presidential Election is finally over. After a campaign that seemed like a pregnancy lasting twice as long as normal, the suspense is over. The good news is that the spotlight was on New York. Former Secretary of State and US Senator, Hillary Clinton is a resident of Westchester (Chappaqua). President-elect Donald Trump, who was raised in Jamaica Estates presently lives in Manhattan. That may be the only thing they have in common, other than both wanting the same job, and to say that that put them at odds is the understatement of the century. As both Trump and Clinton said, it was a hard-fought battle. After some extreme nastiness during the race – way beyond any TV script we could have imagined – we must now look to Trump, and to some extent, the Clintons and Obama, to help us heal.

The vote was extremely close, which means there is a nearly equal pull to opposite ends of the political spectrum, to the left and to the right, two sharply contrasting philosophies of what is most fair and will work best for the country as a whole. In any case, we need Trump, in his first role of leadership, to make good on his promise to make America great again. One thing is for sure – the foundation for making us great again is bringing people together. Trump’s acceptance speech made reference to just such a mission, and we wish the President-elect great success in uniting the country and achieving his goals of prosperity, work for everyone, fair trade and strength at home and abroad.

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