2016-11-09 / Editorials

A Debt Of Gratitude

On November 11th, nearly one hundred years ago, four years of death and destruction came to an end. World War One (the so-called “Great War”) was, at the time, the bloodiest conflict theretofore known, but unfortunately was only the precursor of the twentieth and twenty first century’s history of violence.

From the First World War to our most recent conflicts into Iraq and Afghanistan, everything about American warfare has changed. Our technologies and tactics have remade and updated themselves with seemingly endless proficiency. But if there is one thing in our military system that has stayed the same, is the courage and care of this country’s servicemen and veterans.

The men and women that have served this country and who continue to do so are a shining example of our country’s greatest values – fortitude, duty, and honor. They have risked the ultimate sacrifice to preserve freedom, democracy, and the way of life to which we have grown accustomed. Regardless of an individual’s feelings regarding recent wars, or war and violence in general, there is hardly a group among the American population that deserves more respect. When spotted in uniform, stop and thank these brave men and women for their service in the face of extreme danger and sometimes-insurmountable odds. We urge you, on this November 11th, to reflect upon the extreme endurance and sacrifice of those who have served. Take some time and thank a veteran, and remember that mere thanks is not all you can do to ensure they understand that their sacrifice is well and truly appreciated.

We owe the brave people who have served in uniform a debt of gratitude. Do not forget to do your part to repay it on this Veterans Day.

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