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Gazette Endorsements 2016

The 2016 campaign for the Presidency of the United States has been, without a doubt, the most bitter, hard-fought battle in memory, as Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party standard-bearer and Donald Trump, the Republican Party candidate, battle down to the wire, which will occur next Tuesday, Election Day. Trump and Clinton pulled no punches as they faced each other in three tense and dramatic encounters, and also in countless nationwide appearances in key states, including New York. As we see it, as Clinton labeled Trump “unfit to be a US president,” and as Trump barked back that his opponent was “dirty Hillary,” the decision is left in voters’ hands to decide the winner next Tuesday. Both candidates have strengths and weaknesses that have been explained as a cost and benefits analysis. We understand the frustration and angst that this election has created.

We implore our readers and all voters from Queens to make sure you set aside time to vote next Tuesday, and remind friends and family to be sure to visit their voting site any time from 6 am to 9 pm next Tuesday...and God bless America!!!

The Gazette is making the following endorsements of candidates for Congressional, State Senate and State Assembly offices that will be seeking election next Tuesday.


SENATOR CHARLES SCHUMER - Senator Charles Schumer has amassed an enviable reputation as a US Senator after being elected to that office on November 3rd in 1998. Previous to that, Schumer, from Brooklyn, had served for 18 years in the House of Representatives, after serving for six years in the State Assembly. That’s 42 years, consecutively, as a representative of the citizens of New York State.

Now in the US Senate, where he is among the two or three top members, Schumer aspires to being elected as the Democrats’ leader of the Senate, whether or not the Democrats become the majority in Tuesday’s election. New York State voters must return Schumer to the US Senate in Tuesday’s election.


JOSEPH CROWLEY - 14th CD. Crowley is seeking his 10th term in Congress in a district covering Queens and the Bronx. He is among the leaders of the Democrats in Congress as well as the Queens Democratic Party organization. Crowley often authors major legislation, some of which covers the Queens portion of his district. He is Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus in the House of Representatives. We are certain his star status will surge, and we unequivocally endorse Crowley.

GRACE MENG - 6th CD. Since Meng’s election to Congress several years ago, covering her district, she has passed bills that benefit all her constituents. We strongly endorse her candidacy.

NYDIA VELAZQUEZ - 7th CD. This district covers a portion of Queens, but takes in mostly Brooklyn and some of Manhattan.

HAKEEM JEFFRIES - 8th CD. Jeffries’ district also covers mostly Brooklyn and a small portion of Howard Beach in Queens.

CAROLYN MALONEY - 12th CD. Maloney served as a City Council Member before her election to Congress, where she has served for a quarter-century and is one of the most prolific lawmakers in Congress. Most of her bills cover major issues. Her district includes Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. She started her career in Congress in 1992. We are proud to endorse Maloney. From the Second Avenue Subway to Zadroga, to everything in the world, she is on top of it.


JAMES SANDERS JR. - 10th SD (Rockaway). Sanders stays focused and vigilant over his district.

TONY AVELLA - 11th SD. Avella has been attuned to the Whitestone – College Point community matters for many years. Hopefully his breakaway group will find a way to work with the other Queens senators to give all Queens senators a more powerful voice.

MICHAEL GIANARIS - 12th SD. The Astoria/Long Island City lawmaker is part of the Democratic Senate leadership and many of the bills he sponsors target major issues. He is a major power in the Senate, and serves his district beyond any possible expectations. We wholeheartedly endorse Gianaris.

JOSE PERALTA - 13th SD. Peralta’s district covers the Jackson Heights - East Elmhurst areas and he’s a leader in the community. He strongly deserves our full support and we excitedly endorse Peralta.

LEROY COMRIE - 14th SD. Comrie goes back about 40 years as a Jamaica/St. Albans area leader, so he helps out a lot in legislative discussions.

JOSEPH ADDABBO JR. - 15th SD. Addabbo’s district stretches from Ozone Park-Howard Beach to the Rockaways and then some, so you can learn a lot by keeping up with his news releases. He works tirelessly and deserves your vote.

TOBY ANN STAVISKY - 16th SD. Stavisky was elected to the Senate in 1999, giving her 18 years of service since that time, and is the senior member of the group we are honoring today with endorsements. Previously, she chaired the Higher Education Committee, and today is its Ranking Minority Member. Stavisky, whose district covers Central Queens, succeeded her husband, the late Dr. Leonard Price Stavisky, who also was a member of the State Legislature.


STACEY G. PHEFFER AMATO - 23rd AD. Mrs. Amato is seeking her first election and is opposed by Alan Zwirn for the Rockaway seat. She is a strong candidate and we strongly endorse her.

DAVID WEPRIN - 24th AD. Weprin has served in both the City Council and Assembly. He has our full support.

NILY ROZIC - 25th AD. Rozic, whose district covers Fresh Meadows, shows promise as a legislator.

EDWARD BRAUNSTEIN - 26th AD. Braunstein (Bayside) is unopposed.

MICHAEL SIMANOWITZ - 27th AD. The Fresh Meadows lawmaker is also unopposed.

ANDREW HEVESI - 28th AD. Make that three “unopposeds” in a row including Hevesi (Forest Hills). He makes local residents’ voices heard loud and clear. He staunchly supports his district and deserves our support.

ALICIA HYNDMAN - 29th AD. Ms. Hyndman is a first-time starter who also is unopposed for the Rosedale seat.

BRIAN BARNWELL - 30th AD. Another newcomer, Barnwell impressed in opposing the Maspeth Holiday Inn shelter and won a primary against Marge Markey to get the Democratic nod to run for this seat in his district. Brian Barnwell is a constitutional law attorney who will fight for the middle class and seniors. Brian will focus on reforming Albany, creating actual affordable housing, protecting seniors so they have a secure retirement and making sure the middle class keeps more of their hard-earned paychecks. He deserves our endorsement.

MICHELE TITUS - 31st AD. Titus, of Springfield Gardens, leads the next group of four that are also unopposed.

VIVIAN COOK - 32nd AD. Her district is Jamaica, and unopposed.

CLYDE VANEL - 33rd AD. Vanel is the Democratic nominee for the Cambria Heights/Queens Village seat.

MICHAEL DENDEKKER - 34th AD. He has no opponent for good reason – the Jackson Heights/East Elmhurst lawmaker can’t be beat and he fights for his constituents. Vote for DenDekker.

JEFFRION AUBRY - 35th AD. No opponent here for this 24-year veteran Assemblymember who hails from Corona and came out of the Queens Borough President’s office.

ARAVELLA SIMOTAS - 36th AD. The Astoria representative is another in the “no opponent” grouping. Yet she fights for her constituents each day as through her entire career rests on it. She is a tireless advocate and deserves our support.

CATHERINE T. NOLAN - 37th AD. Ridgewood’s dynamo deserving our support is another candidate scaring the opposition away. Vote Nolan.

MICHAEL MILLER - 38th AD. Miller, who holds the Woodhaven seat, can be counted among “the workers” representing us in Albany. We respect his abilities to get it done. Vote Miller.

FRANCISCO MOYA - 39th AD. Another who scared the opposition away.

RONALD KIM - 40th AD. Kim, of Flushing, is another “quality newcomer” in the Assembly. He is a representative for all the hardworking people in his district. He deserves our vote.

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