2016-11-02 / Editorials

We Are All Voting!

The big day is nearly here. So much has been said and done for the past 18 months, and yet the final outcome could not be more difficult to predict. One thing we do feel is sure there will be a record turnout of voters. This very unusual presidential race is one for the books, and will most likely spawn millions of pages explaining everything that led up to it, and of course everything that results. It is up to each of us to vote our conscience. See our take in the endorsements section of this issue. We all are stakeholders, so get out there and vote! There are also numerous other candidates seeking your input. Show your support, even if your district is uncontested. That must mean the people like what the current officeholders are doing, so show it! Add your voice to theirs. Let them – and everyone else in government – know you are here and you care, and cannot be taken for granted.

And of course, make your choice for President of the United States, which has indeed been feverishly contested. Your input is important in every race for office, even if your preferred candidate is no longer in the race; even if your candidate looks like a sure bet; even if you feel your candidate seems to have no chance; even if the choices seem to have you between a rock and a hard place. Participation is key in a healthy democracy, which we always strive for. According to research, there is wisdom in numbers. In other words, the more who give input, the better the chances we have of ending up with the best choices. So set out a few minutes early for your assigned voting location this Tuesday, November 8th, and let your voice be heard and counted. We will be looking for you, and may the best people win!

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