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Letters to the Editor

GOP Demise Deserved

To The Editor:

Following the reelection of President Obama in 2012, the Republican Party concluded that it had to widen its appeal or forfeit winning a national election. Though there was much discussion of reaching out to minorities and voting blocs long associated with the Democratic Party, no action was initiated.

In fact, the virulent accusations against Obama’s birth place and adamant refusal to negotiate fired the far right of the Republican Party. Senator Cruz constantly harangued and demanded extreme action against the Administration, and castigated any attempt to reach accommodation by fellow Republicans. Cruz and his supporters ignited strident anger and unrealistic expectations.

The Republican Speaker who was on the verge of making the Grand Bargain with Obama could not gain the support of his caucus and eventually resigned. The militant right of the Party fell sway to the alt-right whose demands and evident prejudices made the Tea Party the JV.

Trump’s triumph in becoming the nominee of the Republican party could have been foreseen as a result of the failure of the party to comprehend their unrealized demands, which caused frustration, anger, conspiracy theories by their supporters resulting in a cavalcade of voters hoping to toss the establishment out. The leadership of the party beginning in 2008 declared open conflict when Senator McConnell declared it was his job to ensure Obama would not be re-elected.

Declaring war has its consequences. The faithful believe in victory at all costs which is the opposite of the way a democracy works. Without absolute capitulation by the Democrats, Republicans supporters had to hold those who failed accountable while empowering a candidate to take control of the Party who possessed none of the qualifications to win a national contest. The current demise of the Republican party was self-inflicted and richly deserved.

Ed Horn
Baldwin, LI

Avella Helps Seniors

To The Editor:

We are very pleased with state Senator Tony Avella’s help with senior citizens. My elderly aunt who is in her 90s was personally helped by Matt and his associates in Senator Avella’s office in filling out applications for senior citizen property exemptions, handicap parking and other help for seniors. Their respect for seniors is exemplary. They gave help to a person trying to be independent.

Congratulations to Senator Avella, whose staff reflects his exemplary service to the community.

Catherine Tsounis

Fair To Columbus

To The Editor:

I am writing to both thank and applaud the Queens Gazette for the fair and balanced articles on the discoverer, Christopher Columbus, which appeared in your October 6th edition.

None of the other Queens papers even bothered to acknowledge the celebration of this holiday, which I believe did a great disservice to the proud Italian-American community. I believe the lack of reporting and recognizing this famous discover’s accomplishment is purely due to political correctness.

Columbus Day originated with early immigrants from Italy as a source of ethnic pride at a time when they were, for the most part, looked down upon and discriminated against.

Today’s “PC” crowd wants to attach the values of the 21st century to individuals who lived such a long time ago, when people universally had different values.

We Italian-Americans not only pay honor to Cristoforo Colombo on October 12th, but also view it as a day to express the pride we take in our distinguished heritage and to pay respect to those who came to this great country, America, and contributed vastly to its greatness. In conclusion, once again please accept my heartfelt thanks for your coverage of this important holiday. Sincerely and Viva il Gazette!

Vincent Livio
Rego Park

Waive ‘Buy America’

To The Editor:

United States Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration “Buy America” requirements will continue playing a role in the ability of the MTA to both speed up capital projects and contain cost growth. Is USDOT FTA in a position to waive any of these requirements for transit projects? Anyone in the transit industry knows that compliance with federal Buy America rules and regulations frequently adds both time and cost to a project. You can count on one hand the number of Buy America waivers issued by USDOT FTA to transit agencies in recent years. This impacts the MTA’s ability get the best bang for the buck when spending over $6 billion in direct USDOT FTA formula grant funds and potentially an additional $1.5 billion more in competitive, discretionary New Starts and Hurricane Sandy relief dollars under the MTA 2015- 2019 Five Year Capital Program.

Larry Penner
Great Neck

Knights’ Blood Drive

To The Editor:

I would like to report that St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council 5911 is sponsoring a blood drive for St. Anastasia Parish in Douglaston. This will take place on Sunday, November 13, from 8:45 am to 2:45 pm. The address is 45-14 245th Street in Douglaston at St. Anastasia Parish in Father Smith Hall. Your donation will help to save up to three lives. Our community hospitals need your help. Please share the gift of life! Thank you again for sharing! For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Fred Bedell 718-347-0874.

Fred Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village

Still Not Recovered

To The Editor:

I am saddened to learn that, after four years, many victims of Superstorm Sandy’s destruction and fierceness are still living in trailers. There is such sadness and grief amongst these people. I wonder what happened. We have money to revitalize Astoria Park, build bike lanes, and give many other countries financial and military aid but what happened to the unfortunate victims of Superstorm Sandy? Glad to learn that the water tunnel for Staten Island was opened, but why did it take four years? Is our city prepared for – God forbid – another superstorm?

I am glad that the Marine Terrace affordable housing complex will be made available for veterans. These people who gave their all to defend our country need to live in affordable housing, but that is still not enough. They need counseling since so many have PTSD, are suicidal, and need jobs. Why again do we neglect this group of people who fought for freedom?

Also, I am glad to hear that the Department of Transportation plans to put money, and lots of it, into snow removal and will have people be able to look on the internet to see if their street or area or road is cleared of snow.

I applaud Miller for offering free mamograms to women since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer, if found in time and early enough, can be cured. That is a wonderful good deed he is doing to save lives and spare women from cost and a deadly disease.

I applaud Congress Member Maloney for her awarding a student with a Congressional medal. That shows that your youth can succeed and the person who was awarded the medal is a role model for other young people to emulate. I applaud Assembly Member Simotas for holding seminars about how senior citizens can avoid being victims of scams. It is awful that these vulnerable people are scammed. They must not be taken advantage of since they are the Greatest Generation.

I found the articles positive this week. Halloween should not be a time when children can be hurt or poisoned. Parents should hold parties or accompany their children.

I applaud Maloney for attending the Seneca Falls dialogue. It is amazing that it all started there for Women’s Suffrage and we have a wonderful Congress Member like Carolyn Maloney and a woman running for the highest office in the land. I applaud all of the women who made all of this possible. Ms. Maloney is dear to me, since she inscribed me in the Congressional record in 2007 and presented me with many awards when I was an Astoria resident and volunteer at Dellamonica Senior Center. I have the highest respect for her and for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who awarded me with a proclamation in 2010 for volunteer work.

Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

Boring Briarwood

To The Editor:

“Briarwood,” the MTA speaker proudly announced to the F train passengers, as if Hollywood was on the horizon with the Walter Mittys humming the classic Phillips’ tune, California Dreamin’. Within two square blocks of the town, you may see the redundancy of three 99 cents stores, three bodegas, three laundromats, three Chinese restaurants, three pharmacies, four beauty parlors, five dry cleaners, and seven gambling venues vending Lotto. No theater. No music store. No dance or music studios. No arts, crafts or hobby shops. No bookstore. No computer store. No vibrant church extracurricular activities. Nothing of any superior cultural value may be found due to no community planning, despite multiple community associations.

So, “What shall I do now? What shall I do?

“I shall rush out as I am, and walk the street

“With my hair down, so. What shall we do to-morrow?

“What shall we ever do?” (“The Waste Land,” TS Eliot, 1922)

Joseph N. Manago

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