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Rat Scams Residents With Fake Rodent Notices

By Liz Goff
Federal law enforcement officials snared a rat recently, who is charged with sending out dozens of fake Vermin Control Violations to unsuspecting Queens homeowners.

Myong Hwan Han, aka David Han, 31, had 10,000 copies of the fake violation notices printed in April, a spokesperson for the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office said.

The notices included a city seal from the New York City Department of Health and a forged signature for the city health commissioner, the spokesperson said.

The notices directed victims to make checks or money orders payable to “Vermin Control of New York,” a nonexistent city agency, the spokesperson said. Victims were instructed to mail the payments to a U.S. Post Office box.

A number of Han’s intended victims alerted federal authorities when they smelled a rat, a law enforcement source said. “But more than 100 people fell for the scam and sent payments to Ham.”

The feds tailed Han and an un-named co-conspirator, and arrested Ham in the “scheme that sought to defraud thousands of victims out f more than $1 million,” federal officials said. 

Ham was charged with one count each of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and is facing up to 40-years in prison, if convicted.















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