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Eating and Shopping at Arbat, Russia

By Catherine Tsounis

        Arbat Business district.
Arbat Business district.   Out tour group left us at the Arbat to dine and shop. We saw that many items for sale were made in China. There were many shops with Chinese tourists. A major disappointment was in shopping products. We Arbat Business district.
Arbat Business district. were not impressed by quality and felt we were in a tourist trap. We just bought two Russian matryoshka dolls for souvenirs. The shopping in St. Petersburg is 100 percent better. We enjoyed walking around and absorbing the atmosphere.

     Arbat Business district.Arbat Business district.       Our lunch at Mumu Bol’Saja Ordinka, in the Arbat business area was great in quality and price. We had cappuccino, grilled chicken, cabbage salad, mushroom creamy casserole, rice and blintzes. It was economical and a great experience. Being at Mumu restaurant was the best part of our Arbat experience.

            The street was clean, without any homeless Mumu Bol’Saja Ordinka restaurant in Arbat Business district.Mumu Bol’Saja Ordinka restaurant in Arbat Business district.people. Amazing for an urban area. The Arbat is a pedestrian street in Old Moscow. It has existed since the 15th century. In Old Russia, the Arbat was an important trade route. One must see the Arbat as a sightseeing trip.

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