2016-10-19 / Editorials

Our Kids Are Watching

The New York Daily News referred to Bronx High School of Science students as “dorks” on its front page when a few held a fight club on school property (“Put Up Your Dorks,” October 12). When Bronx Science students objected (perhaps too forcefully in some cases) to being called “dorks,” the News vehemently lashed out at the students, further insulting them by saying the headline

“left the student body geeked out.”

While we would never condone fight clubs, nor condone threats, we can understand the students’ reaction to being insulted as a whole. It was only a few students who misbehaved. And the choice of wording was, we feel, beneath any news organization. Perhaps the kids do things like holding fight clubs in the first place because they are tired of being insulted and abused for being peaceful and hardworking, bright and responsible, and a joy to their parents. Those students should be celebrated, the same as we do famous sports figures and other celebrities. The students should not be belittled or insulted for being, for the most part, the best behaving, decent and responsible. They are the future.

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