2016-10-12 / Editorials

Ta-Ta To Tollbooths!

Governor Cuomo has announced the MTA will be eliminating toll booths entirely, now billing those who prefer to pay cash. We have had EZPass for ages now, and for cash customers, we will now put sensors and cameras to work.

Cash payments increase dramatically during holidays, adding to travel time. The elimination of tolls has reduced accidents. With all these positives, we do not see how it could fail to improve life in the city, especially in Queens, where we have so many bridges and tunnels. Another important consideration is that there should not be any job losses to tollbooth personnel, as they will be reassigned to safety, security and enforcement posts.

The transition will start in January, at the Queens-Midtown and Brooklyn-Battery Tunnels, to be completed throughout the city by the end of next year. We joyously look forward to saving a projected 21 hours of waiting at tolls a year, and collectively, 6,000 hours a day!

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