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Schumer Seeks New Term, Eyeing Greatest Move

In virtually a lifetime that has taken Charles Schumer from Brooklyn to Howard, to becoming one of the youngest (at 23) to win an Assembly seat, followed by a couple of decades in the House, as a prelude to toppling Alfonse D’Amato to earn a seat in the US Senate, where he has already been a definite presence – one would think that Schumer was past spending his Sundays keeping New York City’s press corps checking out his latest offering.

But all of this has been just a warm-up for the lawmaker who’s headed for another election victory on November 8th, and afterwards welcoming his former Senate colleague Hillary Clinton back to Washington as our next president, thus setting the stage for the biggest move of his career – getting elected by his fellow Democrats as their next leader of the U.S. Senate.

This would truly be a fitting move, to give one of the Senate’s most gifted members over the past 18 years the opportunity to guide that body during the coming years when a new administration will be in the White House. Schumer, one of the brightest, most productive members of Congress in the past several decades, has earned his fellow Democrats’ support in electing him their new leader.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Schumer’s chances of getting elected seem excellent. His opponent for Senate, Manhattan attorney Wendy Long, (Republican-Conservative-Reform), doesn’t appear to be a real challenge for someone with Schumer’s excellent record. Schumer appears well set with support from the Democratic Party, the Independence Party and the Women’s Equality Party.

Two third party candidates, Robin Laverne Wilson on the Green Party ticket, and Alex Merced, of the Libertarian Party, round out the opposition. Both are from Brooklyn. Schumer is seeking his fourth six-year term.—John Toscano

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