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Roommate Confessed To Ridgewood Stab Slay

By Liz Goff
A 26-year-old aspiring artist was drinking heavily and smoking pot jut before he stabbed his roommate to death on September 28, prosecutors said.

Render Stetson-Shanahan told police he “smoked a lot of weed” and “drank a lot of beer” just before he stabbed part-time librarian Carolyn Bush, 25, seven times in the neck, back and arms inside the apartment they shared on Stanhope Street in Ridgewood, prosecutors said.

Assistant District Attorney Crystal Igneri said Render-Stetson Shanahan told police he was arguing with Bush inside the apartment at about 11:50 p.m. on September 28, when the dispute turned deadly.

Shanahan told police he pulled a large kitchen knife and stabbed Bush seven times in the neck, back and arms, and then stabbed himself in the leg, Igneri said. The crazed artist, covered in blood and wearing only boxer shorts, then ran to the street, straight into neighbor, Joshua Cruz, 30.

Cruz told investigators Shanahan appeared to be intoxicated when he lunged at Cruz with the knife. “The victim said Shanahan was speaking into a phone, saying he wouldn’t have a lease after Wednesday,” a police source said.

Shanahan suddenly raced over to two parked cars and smashed their windows, police said. Startled, Cruz backed into a metal gate leading to his basement apartment and called 911.

Cops found Shanahan sprawled across a bed in his apartment, police said. “The guy had his arms stretched out like he was crucified, and the knife was jammed into the bedroom floor,” a police source said. Bush’s body was found covered with stab wounds, lying on the bedroom floor, police said. Shanahan confessed to the murder moments after his arrest.

Bush was taken to Wyckoff Heights Hospital Center where she died a short while later, police said. Shanahan was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center where he was listed in stable condition.

Shanahan told police Bush was on the phone when he returned to the apartment. “He said, ‘guess what?’ and then stabbed her to death,” a policed source said. “They were arguing, but she never saw it coming.”

Shanahan was charged with murder and weapons possession at his arraignment at Queens Criminal Court where he was held without bail.

“The girl was a lovely person,” a neighbor said. “Maybe a little strange at times, but she said she was a poet and that could be why she seemed strange. The guy said he wanted to be a famous painter. He was grungy, dirty with a beard, and he was angry a lot,” the neighbor said. “She should have thrown him out on his ass a long time ago.”

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