2016-1-6 / Front Page

New Clothing Bin Law In Effect

By Liz Goff
A bill signed recently by Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls for an end to clothing collection bins installed by fake charities and unsavory characters.

“Fake charities are benefiting from the generous nature of our community by misleading people that their donations are going to help those in need of assistance, “ bill sponsor Assemblymember Ed Braunstein said.

The new law prohibits placement of the collection bins on private property and imposes maintenance requirements for the bins. The measure also mandates that the bins are clearly marked to indicate if they are operated by a non-profit or not-for-profit group, or by a for-profit business.

The disclosure must indicate if the for-profit business is working with a non-profit organization – a practice dubbed “rent-a-charity.”

Under the law, bin owners are subject to fines for violation of the disclosure requirements and for failure to provide proper maintenance.

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