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Indian and Middle Eastern Dishes to Go

B’Way Kitchen is a petite eatery offering delicious, fresh Indian and Middle Eastern dishes to go or to eat in, if you are lucky enough to grab one of three tables, chairs and benches that open onto the street. Already, there’s a buzz and a devout following of regular customers who come for the homemade fare, served with pride, at low prices.

B’Way Kitchen was opened six months ago by amiable, conscientious owner Jackson, who oversees everything, from the purchasing of the fresh vegetables and halal meats, to the kitchen staff, preparation, and he will even serve you on busy nights, like the night we visited. Meanwhile orders come in like crazy on the phone, on-line, and the walk-in customers keep coming.

Items on the menu are clearly marked as vegetarian and gluten free to make choosing easy. We started with a crispy Masala Dosa, an enormous Indian style crepe filled with a mix of potatoes, peas, carrots and mild spices that is perfect for sharing ($7.99). The Madras Masala Dosa adds onions, tomatoes, and chick pea noodles to the potato filling for extra flavor, while the spinach and cheese Dosa is filled with Indian style cottage cheese, made on site, and fresh spinach ($8.99). There’s even a sweet Dosa filled with dried fruits, nuts, and fig Tahini sesame spread.

Next we tried the Kathi rolls, which are neat, easy-to-eat wraps filled with a variety of fillings. Our veggie Kathi roll was stuffed with homemade cottage cheese, vegetables and egg, wrapped up in a whole wheat wrap with mango chutney ($5.99). Next time I’ll try the chicken kebab Kathi roll, made with specially marinated halal chicken that is tender beyond belief, rolled up with egg, caramelized onions, dried mango powder and mint chutney, all for an amazing $6.99!

B’way Kitchen’s small plates allow you to sample their delicious soup of the day, cauliflower in tangy tomato sauce and garlic, and their famous samosas, which are triangles of flaky pastry filled with spiced potatoes and peas for around $5. After that we moved on to the main courses, served in paper bowls or packed up for delivery to your home or office. Dal Makhni is a traditional vegetarian dish made with black lentils in tomato sauce, scented with cumin and special masala seasonings. Paneer butter Masala is made with chunks of their house made cheese in creamy tomato sauce, while Rajma is a vegetarian stew of red kidney beans and roasted Indian spices just packed with flavor. All of these dishes should be spooned on top of the fluffy basmati rice that accompanies them and you’ll have dinner for around $10. Don’t forget to order a mango lassi yogurt drink to accompany your meal.

If you do eat meat and chicken, there are great options at B’Way Kitchen. including Bombay chicken curry, chicken Tikka Masala with its mild, creamy tomato sauce, and lamb Chettinad made with roasted coconut, stone-ground spices, smoked red chillies, and fresh curry leaves ($11.99). On the Middle Eastern side of things, I tried a serving of B’Way Kitchen’s Shawarma, which is thin slices of halal chicken and traditional shawarma spices usually served in a pita with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and tahini sauce. Mine was served on a plate with B’Way Kitchen’s homemade hummus, smooth, creamy and perfectly seasoned. Slather that hummus on your Falafel sandwich or platter. These fried chick pea balls are crunchy, tasty, and so good for you–as is the eggplant salad called Baba Ganoush, and Tabouleh, parsley salad. Order some stuffed grape leaves and you’ll have a Middle Eastern feast, along with a cup of tea or a soft drink from the refrigerated case.

Sweeten your taste buds with baklava pastry, Indian rice pudding, or pistachio ice cream. B’Way Kitchen is the little kitchen that delivers… literally, to your home or office. Or eat in very casually and enjoy the buzz of this bustling little gem of an eatery. B’Way Kitchen is open seven days a week from 11am to 10:30pm on weekdays and until midnight on weekends. Call for delivery or just stop in for an order to stay or to go. B’Way Kitchen is your kitchen for fresh, delicious, Indian and Middle Eastern treats to go.

36-18 Broadway  Astoria,


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